Monthly Meeting
November 19
at Louisa County Library.
Social time starts at 6 pm
with refreshments served.
Our speaker starts at 6:20
with the business meeting following.

Thank You for Your Support

and Your Vote

Your support meant a lot for our Democratic candidates. Many of you made phone calls, gave campaign contributions, canvassed, worked the polls or just came out and voted. We thank you for that, for making the effort to get Democrats elected. Without the grassroots, no campaign can hope to be successful. Without Democrats, the progressive agenda that President Obama and the Congressional Democrats have worked so hard to put in place will take a detour to the past. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the candidates who ran. It is not an easy task to run for office. It takes a great deal of commitment and work, and derails your family life and career for a long time. It is a courageous decision to take it on and a great disappointment when it does not result in winning the office. Thank you, Jack and Audrie Trammell, for making that commitment and doing that work.


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